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What We Stand For

Phronetech Writing website has been designed to address issues affecting society in common terms, an audacious objective that only you as the reader can decide whether it meets your expectations considering the accelerating changing nature of human affairs.

We are generalists, invited scientists striving to provide information in a wide variety of disciplines on issues and concerns to humanity. We also cooperate with like-minded organizations having the same objective. From a humanistic perspective, we adhere to three guiding principles:

1) Support the continued improvement of society so that no one be deprived of the necessities of life and provide every person with opportunities for developing their full potential by recommending the creation of or expansion of the appropriate institution(s).

2) Affirm that individual and social problems can only be resolved by means of good governance, intelligent effort, critical thinking and a spirit of empathy for all living beings.

3) Encourage development of the positive potentialities in human nature, and approve conduct based on a sense of responsibility to oneself and to all other persons.

The name Phronetech is a combination rooted in the Greek language of phronesis and techne to mean practical wisdom and technology. My interests are in cultural evolution and political economy enhanced by technological development.

           We wish you a warm welcome.

“In this possibly terminal phase of human existence, democracy and freedom are more than just ideals to be valued – they may be essential to survival.”

-N. Chomsky

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