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Technology and Society: Rewards and Challenges

Canadian futurist Carmel M. Toussaint presents a bold prediction for the future of humanity: a gradual ascension of Mankind to a transhumanist destiny. Technological progression represents our “will to live” expressed by improvements in health, agriculture, energy and communication spanning the past 600 years. In a breathtaking narrative of betterment on the human condition, we head towards a Kurzweilian singularity that will accelerate the pace of evolution beyond imagination.

More Inequality Divides, Less Inequality Unites

The title of this book originates from an incomplete manuscript that I have abandoned titled Humankind, Past, Present and Potential Futures. My rationale for not pursuing this endeavor was the realization that it did not focus sufficiently on the main causes of the socioeconomic ills affecting humanity despite the benefits of technological developments. This book is about the drive of humans being for self-aggrandizement that creates an unsustainable level of economic inequality by which I mean the differences among people in their command over economic resources.

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